Knuckle Puck | Pomona | 10.21.17

DSC_5630The Glass House in Pomona, California greeted punk rock band Knuckle Puck  with enthusiastic cheers and fist pumps on a gorgeous Saturday night in October. This was the bands 9th stop on their US Shapeshifter Tour, along with the bands Homesafe, Movements, and With Confidence.

Having released their second full-length album Shapeshifter, on October 13th, the California fans were in for quite a treat of new songs as well as seasoned favorites.

This was my first time seeing Knuckle Puck live; I had been kicking myself when I missed their Vans Warped Tour set in 2016. The five piece band was formed in 2010 and consists of band members Joe Taylor, John Siorek, Kevin Maida, Nick Casasanto, and Ryan Rumchaks.

I had gotten to the venue a little late due to trying to find parking, if you’re familiar with Pomona you will understand what I am talking about, and missed the first half of Homesafe’s set. Movements played next and kept the energy going with the fans. With Confidence also put on a really amazing set and had the whole house jumping up and down.

Joe Taylors amazing vocals and vivacious energy really had the crowd going. Crowd surfing ensued and it was not a single person in the front row was safe. Everyone was having a great time and really enjoying the boys new songs. I will definitely recommend seeing KP live, and hopefully I will get to see them again.



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